How Chatbots are transforming Wall Street and Main Street Banks?

How Chatbots are transforming Wall Street and Main Street banks?

July 25, 2017/by Himanshu Kansara
cloud based call center

All you need to know about cloud based call centres

July 17, 2017/by Himanshu Kansara
big data and its use in my business

What Is Big Data Analytics And Why do I Need It For My Business?

July 13, 2017/by Himanshu Kansara
Elasticsearch cover image

What is Elasticsearch and how can it be helpful for my Business?

June 29, 2017/by Himanshu Kansara
Image recognition feature image

What is the Working of Image Recognition and How it is Used?

June 9, 2017/by Himanshu Kansara
Machine Learning in Finance

Is Machine Learning the best way to make the most in Finance?

June 8, 2017/by Himanshu Kansara

How do Chatbots work? A Guide to the Chatbot Architecture

June 5, 2017/by Himanshu Kansara

How Machine Learning Facilitates Fraud Detection?

June 5, 2017/by Himanshu Kansara

How do Recommendation Engines work? And What are the Benefits?

June 5, 2017/by Himanshu Kansara

What is Cognitive Computing? Features, Scope & Limitations

June 5, 2017/by Himanshu Kansara

11 Best Prototyping Tools and How to Choose one that Suits You

June 5, 2017/by Himanshu Kansara

What are the benefits of using a Chatbot?

June 5, 2017/by Himanshu Kansara

Serverless Architecture The Future of Business Computing

June 5, 2017/by Himanshu Kansara

14 most powerful platforms to build a Chatbot

June 5, 2017/by Himanshu Kansara

How to make an intelligent chatbot?

April 11, 2017/by Himanshu Kansara
User experience and branding

Why is user experience a powerful metric for branding?

April 7, 2017/by Himanshu Kansara
Reinforcement learning

How businesses can leverage reinforcement learning?

April 4, 2017/by Himanshu Kansara

Is Python the most popular language for data science?

March 31, 2017/by Himanshu Kansara

Is artificial intelligence the key to combat fake news?

March 27, 2017/by Himanshu Kansara
complete guide on chatbot

Complete guide on Chatbots – development to promotion

March 14, 2017/by Himanshu Kansara
chatbot conversation

How to design a conversation for chatbot?

March 9, 2017/by Himanshu Kansara

8 Trends accelerating the shift to chatbot

March 3, 2017/by Himanshu Kansara
Data science for business

How data science is useful for all businesses?

March 1, 2017/by Himanshu Kansara
Conversational UI

Conversational UI – A paradigm shift in business communication

February 21, 2017/by Himanshu Kansara
Big data analysis

Successful big data analysis by combining structured and unstructured data

February 3, 2017/by Himanshu Kansara
Wearables and mobile applications

How wearables influence the future of mobile applications

January 31, 2017/by Himanshu Kansara
Chatbots can replace mobile apps

Why can chatbots replace Mobile Apps immediately?

January 25, 2017/by Himanshu Kansara
DevOps tools for CI

DevOps tools for continuous integration

January 6, 2017/by Himanshu Kansara
Complete Guide on Bot Development Framework

Complete guide on bot frameworks

December 30, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara
News Chatbot

News made Personal with Chatbots

December 29, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara

Delivering customer delight through UX design

December 28, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara
Design principles for UX

Basic design principles influencing user experience

December 19, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara

Chatbots as your Fashion Adviser

December 16, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara
UX and customer engagement

Importance of User Experience in driving customer engagement

December 13, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara

What Chatbots can do for E-Commerce Industry?

December 8, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara
Chatbots as your Doctors

Chatbots as your Doctors

December 2, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara

Are finance and banking the end of Blockchain uses?

November 29, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara
Hospitality and Travel Chatbots

Chatbots in Hospitality and Travel Industries

November 25, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara

Challenges faced by businesses in adopting Machine Learning

November 22, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara

What is Blockchain and understand its key benefits

November 18, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara
Natural Language Processing

How is natural language processing applied in Business?

October 24, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara

Is Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce industry a game changer?

October 14, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara

Agile product development and collaboration tools we use

October 7, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara

How can Artificial Intelligence help FinTech companies?

October 7, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara
Business problems solved by Machine learning

8 problems that can be easily solved by Machine Learning

October 5, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara

How Machine Learning can boost your predictive analytics?

September 30, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning made simple

September 30, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara

Chatbots and Service Industry – Towards a better customer experience

September 23, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara

How should an ideal bot conversation look like?

September 19, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara
Bot development practices

8 Best practices for Bot development

September 16, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara

Why is Progressive Web App the future of web development?

September 9, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara

Chatbots as your Personal Finance Assistant

September 9, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara

Are Chatbots approaching the edge of Call Centers?

September 1, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara
Are Chatbots a good opportunity for small businesses?

Are Chatbots a good opportunity for small businesses?

August 12, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara

What are the traits of a good Chatbot?

August 5, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara

Here’s all that you need to know about Chatbots

July 27, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara

6 Data Analytics and Business Intelligence trends to fire up your business

July 5, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara
Strategies for Mobile App

Strategies for Mobile App Development

June 27, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara
Challenges in web app

5 Challenges in Web Application Development

June 26, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara

Improve your Business with CRM and Cloud Telephony Integration

June 25, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara
Salesforce development

5 Mistakes to Avoid in Salesforce Development

June 24, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara
Mobile Security

Challenges in Mobile App Security

June 23, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara
backend technology

Choosing the Right Back-end Technology for your Business

June 22, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara
Elasticsearch blog feature

Elasticsearch – Making Big Data Analytics Easier

June 21, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara
DevOps tools

5 Essential Tools For DevOps Adoption

June 19, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara
Automation testing

Automation Testing- Driving Business Value Through Quality Assurance

June 18, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara
Mobile App development

7 Trends that Define the Future of Mobile Application Development

June 17, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara
Nosql-big data

NoSQL- Missing Piece of Your Big Data Ecosystem

June 16, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara
DevOps team

DevOps – Achieving Success Through Organizational Change

June 15, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara
Twilio- IoT_feature

6 Reasons How Twilio can Facilitate Internet of Things

June 14, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara
Salesforce lean

How Salesforce can make your Startup Lean?

June 13, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara
Stripe payment

Why Stripe can emerge as the Market Leader in Payment Gateways?

June 12, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara
Cloud computing advantages

5 Reasons Why Cloud can Transform Your Business

June 11, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara
Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design- Key Element of Web Strategy

June 10, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara
SOAP vs Rest API

SOAP vs REST: A Case of Disruptive Innovation

June 9, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara
Agile Retrospective

Agile Retrospective

June 8, 2016/by Himanshu Kansara
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